I'm Ken

I'm on a Mission
to Make the World a Better Place

My Online Education Solutions
Are Changing the Way People Learn.

I'm Constantly Consuming
and Sharing Vital Information.

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Let Me Introduce Myself

I’m known for a unique blend of characteristics

Innovation in Education

I build apps that are evolving the way kids practice foreign languages, making learning fun and effortless. 

Protecting Lives

My product development in online training helps police, firefighters and EMS better serve and protect our communities.  

International Integration

My international leadership transcends language and cultural barriers, spanning countries and time zones. 

Ethical Leadership

Forward-thinking leadership has kept my teams rising to new levels without risking the integrity of my organizations. 

Here’s what people are saying about me on LinkedIn

"Ken looks at a project from a big picture standpoint and from all angles internally, as well as client facing. He proposes great ideas or alternative options that not only create better efficiency for our clients, but also provide a solid foundation for us to build on. In essence, he's been a guiding force in taking our product and online training division to the next level. "

− Nicole F., Director of Online Training for Law Enforcement

"Perhaps his defining characteristic is a calm, composed demeanor and logical approach toward solving problems. Ken deals with pretty frazzled people who hit red when site features stop working, but rather than letting the frustration escalate, he calmly outlines a resolution and then diligently works to achieve it. And a great sense of humor doesn't hurt."

− Jon H., Vice President of Content

"As we were growing my business unit, I was lucky enough to have Ken contribute as part of our technical implementation team. He had the foresight to apply efficiencies to our program to make our processes run smoothly and more effectively. The program has seen impressive growth each year and I believe this is due in part to the technical planning provided by Ken very early on."

− Sarah W., Director of Grant Programs

"Ken's dynamic ability range and creativity in problem-solving, not only from a conceptual, but also from an execution standpoint, ranks him among the top individuals I've had the pleasure to work with over the course of my career. "

− Greg B., Special Projects Manager

I’m lucky to have belonged to some amazing workplaces