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I’ve long been reluctant to join Instagram – I hate the fact that all photos have to be square proportions, creating a uniformity that prohibits the creative possibilities of vertical and horizontal crops. Nonetheless, I found my friends increasingly migrating to the social media network and decided to give it a spin.

After just a couple of months, I have to admit I really am enjoying it, possibly even more so than Facebook. Visual sharing of moments in life create a rich, focused multimedia experience that Facebook has seemingly waved in with ad dilution. In fact, Facebook recently announced it’s reducing ads, recognizing this sentiment.

For a food fanatic like myself, the mobile-first platform is simply a must, and the Instagram community is as supportive of my culinary obsessions as Yelpers. After just a couple of months, here are some of my Instagram highlights:

Late night snacking was a big hit

San Francisco is an Instragram paradise

My first time celebrating mid-autumn festival (中秋節) with Instagram

Finally getting a hang of Instagram’s hashtags

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One problem I need to work out is when to post to Instagram, when to post to Facebook, and when to post to both. I’ve noticed that Facebook exposure typically cannibalizes my Instagram likes, with many people seeing the same image twice via both networks. Hopefully I’ll get a hang of it before kids start calling me Instagrampa.

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