2014 January

Automate Google Analytics to Feed into Google Docs Spreadsheet

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Anyone who works with Google Analytics knows that pulling and compiling reports can be time consuming unless processes are put in place to enhance efficiency.

I recently found a really helpful way to automatically populate Google Docs spreadsheets with Google Analytics account data, using the Management and Core Reporting APIs — and it’s already saving a lot of time.

Google’s official documentation is actually quite thorough, and there are a number of guides and tutorials online that can point you in the right direction like this one.


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Codecademy: Back to Basics

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Technology is always updating at seemingly breakneck speeds. Lately I felt like I needed a refresher on the basics so I started playing around with Codecademy and I’m really enjoying it! You can even track progress and share with friends, like my profile here. Since most of my knowledge was self-taught and through experience, I this is a great way to remind myself to avoid bad habits.

Running through basic courses on Codecademy really helped remind me of some of the fundamental concepts behind HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and jQuery, and has helped introduce me to Ruby and Python. It seems everything these days is all about data, so learning at least a little Ruby and Python should help me better understand some of the products I manage. PHP is great, and I’m already quite familiar with it, but it’s far less exciting of a language than Ruby and Python. Just the same, Codecademy has been a great chance to refresh the basics and explore new programming languages. Some of their courses have some interesting bugs, but they have a good Q&A section that provides answers to problems based on what people have already run into.

Recent Hearings: John Coltrane Plays the Blues

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Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of John Coltrane, with my favorite albums being Coltrane Plays the Blues and Blue Train.

Probably my favorite saxophonist of all time, Coltrane plays with immense feeling, dishing out notes both fast and slow, loud and soft. Actually it feels more like he’s speaking through his saxophone rather than playing notes.

Some people play notes, but a good jazz musician like Coltrane exploits the many dimensions of sound, inflecting, dragging and cutting up notes into a unique expression. His music feels extremely advanced, even next to contemporary music.

Here’s another great album, A Man Called Trane, which includes his famous rendition of My Favorite Things.

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