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Great Read: Product Strategy Means Saying No

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Too often, good products get derailed by spontaneous, tangential feature requests that distract core users from their core product needs. Enter a recent great blog post from Des Traynor, Co-Founder of Intercom, about why product strategy actually means saying no. Check out the very entertaining accompanying video presentation below.

It might sound crass, but if you read the post and watch his video presentation, anyone with experience in product management can immediately see where he’s coming from and outsiders can easily understand how sometimes it’s better not to simply build every feature requested simply because we can. Simply put, feature requests need to be moderated, prioritized, and oftentimes rejected if not substantiated with proper data. Building too many peripheral features can truly distract users from core functions and confuse them with complex workflow and configurations. To top if all off, they’re also extremely painful to maintain and support from a technical perspective, leading to needlessly burdensome overhead.

Intercom looks like a great product with great leadership — I’m looking forward to digging into it a little more after a Russian colleague recommended it to me.

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