A Modern Education Project

Modern technology is rapidly evolving at unprecedented rates. In the span of just a decade, mobile smartphones and tablets have found their way into households around the world – with many having several devices within a single family. With the advent of the mobile era as a backdrop, I set out to help my Chinese teacher friends leverage new technology to teach kids in a fun, innovative way. Since many areas of the country don’t have the funding or resources for Chinese education, the completely free apps also aim to make learning Chinese more accessible.

My Approach

For decades, Chinese has had an unfair reputation outside of Asia as a difficult language to learn, partly because of the need to learn a non-phonetic writing system and tonal pronunciation. To tackle this issue, I designed Chinese Fridge to “gamify” the learning process, turning boring drills into fun, interactive game play. From a technical standpoint, I designed the first app to serve as a game engine for sequels, making future apps extremely rapid to deploy.

Many Ways to Learn

Several game modes cover Simplified Chinese characters, Traditional Chinese characters, and the Pinyin phonetic alphabet.


Richly Interactive

Cute animated graphics keep kids interested and engaged, while audible repetition engrains vocabulary into kids’ memory whenever the player taps game pieces.


Track Learning Progress

A Top Scores screen shows how much time the child has spent playing and how well they’ve learned word pairs – an invaluable tool for measuring growth.


Kid-Friendly First

No ads and no in-app purchases, just 100% free and kid-friendly apps. Starts simple with just a few vocabulary words, then unlocks more as the player progresses through levels.

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The Final Result – The Best Chinese Learning Apps In Existence

Don’t take my word for it – check out the review below to see why Chinese teachers are calling this “the only Chinese app my students actually enjoy.”

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