Firefighters protect our lives and property –
FireRescue1 Academy helps them protect themselves

FireRescue1 Academy Makes Firefighters Better at Saving Lives and Property

Waging war against roaring flames is both dangerous and complex. FireRescue1 Academy teaches firefighters the strategies and techniques they need to conquer the hellish flames and rescue vulnerable civilians.

An Education Product that Saves Lives

Flashovers, backdrafts, structure collapse, combustible metals and chemical fires – these are just a handful of the many dangers that firefighters face in their everyday jobs.

In the past decade, the fire-rescue service has put a growing emphasis on reducing firefighter line-of-duty-deaths – a quest I joined years ago as a journalist writing safety articles based on real-life incidents. The FireRescue1 Academy not only helps firefighters stay safe by recognizing impending threats like backdrafts, it also helps them train to better rescue civilians from life-threatening scenarios like house fires, earthquakes and terrorist attacks.

But amid an economic downturn that has bankrupted major American cities, many fire departments are struggling to find an affordable way to meet training requirements for their personnel. FireRescue1 Academy provides that cost-effective solution for all fire departments, from major metropolitan agencies to small volunteer departments in rural areas.

Engineered for Intelligence

Fire-rescue is a lot more than just putting the wet stuff on the red stuff. In a line of work where training can be the difference between life and death, product design and quality can have a real impact on human lives.

FireRescue1 Academy delivers high-quality public safety training to the fire industry with distinct features and content designed specifically for firefighters and EMS personnel, covering topics like fire behavior, fire suppression, firefighter survival, hazardous materials and much more.

Courses, assignments, user management and reporting are just some of the features that we’ve developed in conjunction with first responders to help them train and track progress towards becoming the most effective life-saving experts possible.

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