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KTV (Karaoke) App for Google Glass

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Take karaoke anywhere you go –
camping, road trips, or anywhere else with my KTV app for Google Glass

Since I love going to KTV with my friends, I decided to make a simple karaoke app for wearable devices like Google Glass. As far as I know, this is the first and most robust KTV or karaoke app for wearable devices like Google Glass.

Users can browse music videos by categories like artist name, region, gender, language and more, and mark their favorites.

Since Google Glass has crisp video playback, users can bring KTV literally anywhere they go — simply put on Google Glass, fire up the app, and get going. With my app, you can always have KTV ready to go at the party, on roadtrips or around the campfire.

For now, I’m focusing on Chinese language songs (from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, etc.), but the app would be easy to adapt to English songs or all songs in general.

In addition, the app code can be re-appropriated for other uses involving lists of videos, for example educational videos, lectures, TV series, etc., because the app is basically just a taxonomy system with lists and video playback. This way, I’ll be able to rapidly adapt it to launch new products quickly.

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