New Toy: Google Chromecast

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A coworker friend recently convinced me to buy Chromecast since it’s only $30 on Staples’ website.

The technology seems really interesting to me, with a lot of potential future implications.

The way it currently works, it’s great for apps like Netflix and YouTube if you don’t already have a media center, Playstation or Xbox hooked up to your TV. Another nice benefit is it’s always plugged in and ready to go, as opposed to waiting for your Playstation, Roku or Xbox to boot up.

Some downsides? It’s HDMI so it generally looks really nice with apps like Netflix, but when ‘casting’ your Google Chrome browser to the TV, the resolution seems kind of poor (possibly depends on your laptop/desktop resolution — mine’s nothing fancy) and there’s a delay in reflecting your input like scrolling down a page.

Overall, I’m still trying to figure out if I like it or not. It’s definitely nice to use my Nexus 7 or iPad as a sort of Netflix remote control for my TV. That’s some pretty cool stuff. I also anticipate a lot more apps and features will be developed by Google over the years to come, so hopefully Chromcast’s uses will expand accordingly.

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