Keynote DeviceAnywhere: A Useful Free Mobile Device Testing Suite

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Mobile device testing is becoming a necessity, with more and more online visitors accessing websites via mobile devices.

Independent developers or smaller firms may be reluctant to have a repository of devices physically on hand, as regularly replacing and updating devices can be a significant yearly cost. In my own work, I’ve often had to research ways to address this dilemma and recently found a nice solution in Keynote’s DeviceAnywhere.

DeviceAnywhere allows testing on actual physical devices from a remote location. Basically anything you can do on a real mobile device can be done via Keynote because it’s using actual physical devices.

This is a huge improvement over past web-based emulators which were almost always inaccurate and usually simply emulated some basic UI elements and screen size.

In addition, DeviceAnywhere has a nice free plan which still offers several devices to test with. The paid options have a more robust set of devices, which can help mobile-first developers or companies who need to test across a number of devices, operating systems, browsers and screen sizes.

It’s important to note that these are shared devices that you check out and check in when needed, and therefore you need to be careful with any sensitive data like login and password information, etc. I doubt there are major security concerns with these devices, but exposing sensitive data externally is generally a bad idea.

While mobile traffic may only account for 15% of overall global web traffic, many sites are discovering that their rate of mobile visitors is actually much higher, and may even surpass desktop visitors (if you haven’t taken a close look at mobile vs. desktop visitors to your site and you’re using Google Analytics, you may want to check out this comprehensive checklist). If you don’t have a mobile testing solution, DeviceAnywhere may be a great place for you to start.

What do you think on DeviceAnywhere? Do you know any other solutions that you prefer? Let me know as a comment below.

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