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GMAT Test is Done!

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Things have been a whirlwind lately, but somehow I managed to cram taking the GMAT into my busy schedule.

Cramming for about two weeks to prepare for the test was at times exhausting, but also rewarding and thought-provoking. This Instagram post conveys a lot:

While I got a decent score, I feel like if I spent more time preparing for the test, I could have had a strong chance of scoring higher.

Some people question the value of studying for the GMAT, but if I gave one piece of advice to future test takers, I would strongly emphasize preparation before the test. Like I always tell people, the way I see it is a prepared Ken is always going to be better than an unprepared Ken, so I do partially regret not studying more beforehand.

However, given my increasing responsibilities both at and outside of work, I’m not disappointed with my score and I know I can always retake the test for a higher score if necessary. For now, I’ll run with this score and see how things go, rather than commit precious additional time when it may not be necessary.

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